The Ultimate Guide For Surviving Your First Year In Business

...Free Insider Secrets To Survive and Thrive in The First 12 Months

  • Shock and amaze your family, friends and competitors as you not only make it through your first year, but smash it out of the ball park!
  • With these insider strategies achieve more in your first year than most do in 3 years.
  • Not only survive, but increase your leads, sales and net profits.


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Unlock The 5 Insider Strategies To Surviving Your First Year In Business

  • Strategy One - First Impressions Matter

    It takes less than 7 seconds for someone to create an impression of you. We explore how to create an amazing impression by developing your customer avatar, developing your brand correctly and the importance of Colour Psychology and how it will help your business grow.

  • Strategy Two - Customer Journey, Offline and Online Marketing and Funnels.

    For the first time since TV advertising came about, we are witnessing a change in consumer buying habits.  We discover your customer journey, how to use online and offline marketing methods together and what are funnels and how they increase sales in your business 24 / 7.

  • Strategy Three - Customer Service and How To Automate It

    Bad customer service and failed business has a direct link. We uncover good customer service practise, how to automate customer service and an inside look into how two leading companies achieve outstanding customer service.

  • Strategy Four - Key Strategies For Successful Business Owners

    I share my consulting experience, and what I have come to know about being successful. We cover core items like business mindset, good habits, how to use leverage in business and the difference between partnerships and joint ventures.

  • Strategy Five - Scalability For Accelerated Growth 

    This is something most people dream about when starting a business but rarely achieve.  Discover ways of growing your business fast without the wheels falling off.  We discuss using systems for automation, business numbers, key ratios and the 1000 rule.

“ Awesome guide that will literally take your business from zero to hero. This no BS approach to your first year in business is so refreshing and tells you the ins and outs of what you need to know. To avoid those nasty surprises and make the first year a dream ”

Cameron C.

Systems and Marketing Business Owner

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We hate spam probably more than you. Which is why we promise to never share your information with anyone. EVER!

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